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Your E-Commerce Gateway to Asia: Selling on Multiple Platforms

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

CanCham in partnership with Canada in Singapore hosted its third instalment of a four-part E-Commerce Webinar series focusing on Selling on Multiple Platforms. We heard from Canada’s International Trade - Global Affairs Canada on how the Trade Commissioners Service can help with cross-boarder trade via e-commerce and some of the challenges Canadian exporters often face. We heard from Enterprise Singapore on how best for Canadian companies to position themselves when preparing to enter the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia. In addition, we heard from Anchanto and Synagie on how they can help Canadians grow a multichannel e-commerce business by leveraging on their platforms. Finally, we heard from Wholesome Food People on challenges and opportunities e-commerce F&B companies face. In case you missed these insightful webinars, you may view the webinar recordings as well as the slides on our website.

We have one more webinar topic next week, "Logistic Solutions", which completes our four-part webinar series! There's still time to register!

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