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Canada's Oceanic Innovation: Insights from OCEANS 2024 🌊

Last month, the global oceanic engineering and marine technology community convened in Singapore for the OCEANS 2024 event, serving as a vital platform to showcase cutting-edge advancements and foster collaboration on the future of ocean science and technology. Led by Andrew Threwfall, Trade Commissioner at the High Commission of Canada in Singapore, the Canadian delegation made a significant impression, with over 15 companies from provinces such as British Columbia, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia presenting the latest innovations in products and services.


Canada's ocean technology industry is thriving because of its massive Arctic Ocean territory and the longest coastline globally. This sector is a big driver of Canada's economy, involving big companies, tech innovators, and research centers. Ocean tech covers various advanced technologies like AI, robotics, climate modeling, and marine transportation. These technologies are crucial for harvesting resources, exploring the ocean, and keeping it healthy. Canada is committed to sustainability and understands the need to tackle issues like CO2 emissions harming ocean health.


In British Columbia, Canada's Pacific Coast is a beacon of sustainable ocean exploration, home to a cluster of oceantech companies. Leveraging digital technologies for data collection and transportation, Canadian companies are leading innovations in underwater vehicles and autonomous watercraft while prioritizing environmental conservation.


On the Atlantic Coast, provinces such as Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador capitalize on centuries of maritime expertise to drive oceantech advancements. With leading research institutions, collaborative ecosystems, and support from industry associations, Atlantic Canada's oceantech sector is at the forefront of tidal energy and aquaculture innovation.


As Canada embraces its role as a global leader in oceantech, investments in sustainable technologies and collaborative initiatives are ready to drive the country toward a greener, more prosperous future.


Looking ahead, the excitement continues with the next OCEANS CONFERENCE & EXPOSITION 2024 scheduled in Halifax, Canada, from September 23-26. We extend a warm invitation to join Canada on this journey towards a brighter, more sustainable future for our oceans. 🌊🚀

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