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president's message

Caroline Berube (Managing Partner of HJM

Dear CanCham Members,

23 years ago, I came to Singapore to complete my McGill law studies at the National University of Singapore and start my professional journey, believing in Singapore as a safe business platform to conduct business in the Asia Pacific region. I had the opportunity to live in different countries in Asia for work and always came back to Singapore keeping it as our business base: safe, transparent, visionary in terms of industries, great reliable banking, legal and judiciary systems, an easy place to transit to do business in other Asian countries: I don’t regret my choice.

Today, I am honoured to be the President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Given my work experience and knowledge of Canadian SMEs and other chambers and organisations in Canada and elsewhere in the world, I have no doubt that with our CanCham ExCo, Executive Director and Members, we can help and grow the presence of business activities in Singapore and share with Canadian SMEs the knowledge and connections of our Members in Singapore and Canada. Singapore and Canada have also developed many business synergies in industries like multi media, aerospace, technology, bio-pharma and others and this is another reason why I believe our CanCham has the wealth and depth to continue foster and nurture trades between Singaporean and Canadian companies here and beyond. 

As a team, we can all grow together and make a Canadian impact business wise in Asia by starting with a strong business base, connections in Singapore and Canada and the will to make a difference to continue to nurture business relationships between Canada and Singapore. 

I look forward to working with our current and potential members and Canadian stakeholders to make it happen immediately! COVID has been difficult for everyone everywhere for many businesses - including in Singapore and Canada, both developed countries. I will conclude with a famous quote from a Canadian ice hockey player, Wayne Gretzky, also timely during the playoffs at the moment for our ice hockey fans also members of CanCham: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”.

Canadian SMEs, which are the base of our Canadian economy, need to continue explore and give a shot to Asia given the size of the market and Singapore is a good place to start!

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. I will be happy to help.

Warm regards,

Caroline Bérubé
President, CanCham Singapore

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