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Dear CanCham Members,

I am honored to have been appointed as the President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of Singapore. 2023 represents my 30th anniversary in Asia, having had the honor of working for Canadian institutions in Japan, Hong Kong (twice), Mainland China and now back for a second time in Singapore.  Quite honestly, it never gets old, and with the rapid development and changes in the region over those many decades, there has always been something new to learn.  I have been involved in the Chambers or related institutions in each of these countries, and hope to do my best to share that experience in my new role in CanCham Singapore.

As we embark on this current journey together, I am filled with excitement and anticipation for what lies ahead. With great pleasure, I would like to share my vision for the chamber and our focus during my term.

This year holds special significance as we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore. For four decades, CanCham Singapore has played an important role in the Canada-Singapore business community in Singapore, as it has supported its members and cooperative ties to the Five Pillars of Canada, fostering bilateral trade and investment between Canada and Singapore.  It is a testament to the enduring partnership between our nations, which continues to thrive and evolve.

To mark this milestone, we will embark on a series of commemorative events, including business focused events, networking sessions, and industry-specific conferences. These activities aim to honor the achievements of the past while setting the stage for an even more prosperous future. We will celebrate the successes and recognize the individuals and companies that have contributed to the growth and vibrancy of CanCham Singapore.

In addition to commemorating our history, this coming year will also be one where we continue to align with Canada’s new Indo-Pacific Strategy, an ambitious framework that recognizes the tremendous opportunities for collaboration and economic growth in the region. The Indo-Pacific has emerged as a key driver of global commerce, innovation, and investment, and it is crucial for CanCham Singapore to be at the forefront of this transformation.

To achieve this, I emphasize the importance of cooperation among the other Canadian Chambers of Commerce in Asia. Together, and in part through our participation in the Canadian Chambers of the Indo-Pacific, we will harness the collective strength and knowledge of our networks to unlock new business prospects, facilitate trade missions, and foster strategic partnerships.  By leveraging these alliances, we can enhance the influence and impact of our chamber, creating an environment that supports the growth and success of our members.

Furthermore, we will actively engage with key stakeholders – the Five Pillars of Canada, government agencies, CanCham’s of the Indo-Pacific, industry associations, and educational institutions, to promote greater collaboration and knowledge exchange. Through thought leadership initiatives and industry-specific working groups, we will ensure that the voice of the Canadian business community is heard and that our members' interests are effectively represented.


Lastly, we as a Canadian institution are not alone in the integration of foreign businesses in Singapore.  In the past year, CanCham Singapore led and participated in many cross-Chamber events, promoting cooperation with other countries’ Chambers, their respective members and high commissions or embassies.  The joint events and forums that were held enhanced the understanding and development of closer ties among the chambers, and helped to address common issues and challenges that we all face.  This will be an important component that will continue throughout the year ahead. 


All this being said, it is my firm belief that the success of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of Singapore is built on the engagement and participation of our members. I encourage you to actively contribute your ideas, expertise, and enthusiasm. Your insights and feedback are invaluable as we shape the future of our chamber and navigate the ever-changing business landscape.


As President, my commitment is to serve you, our esteemed members, and provide you with a platform for growth, connectivity, and success. Together, let us embark on this journey, united by a shared vision of collaboration and innovation.


I am grateful for your support, and I look forward to working closely with each and every one of you to make our chamber stronger than ever.


Most sincere regards,


Randy Quinn

President Canadian Chamber of Commerce of Singapore

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