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CanchamSG and SBF - Connecting Businesses Across Borders

Updated: Jan 14

Last week, CanChamSG's President, Randy Quinn, and Executive Director, Dorys Fierro, engaged in productive discussions with the Singapore Business Federation (SBF) team, led by CEO Ping Soon Kok.


CanChamSG's mission is straightforward: provide access to knowledge and foster an environment that encourages collaboration and partnerships, strengthening the ties between Singaporean and Canadian businesses.

Aligned with Canada's Indo-Pacific Strategy, we actively explore collaboration avenues:

🤝 Leveraging Platforms: We're utilizing platforms like CIAC 2024 - Canada in Asia Conferences and the Singapore Apex Business Summit to foster connections and generate interest between Singaporean and Canadian companies.


🌐 Exploring Opportunities: With a focus on sectors like Climate Solutions, AgriTech, Advanced Manufacturing...we're creating a platform for businesses to explore potential partnerships.


💻 Adapting to the Digital Era: Collaborating on digitalization initiatives and trade, addressing barriers in various jurisdictions, and sharing insights to enhance the digital landscape for businesses.


In a significant development, SBF, in partnership with CanChamSG, is pleased to announce a series of seminars focusing on opportunities for businesses. Furthermore, a mission trip to British Columbia and Alberta is on the horizon for 2024.


Through these initiatives, we're actively shaping a business environment that encourages collaboration and partnership between businesses in Singapore and Canada. This not only opens up new opportunities but also strengthens economic ties, forging a vibrant ecosystem that fosters growth, innovation, and success for businesses on both sides.

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