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Exciting Opportunities Discussed at Recent Meeting Between CanCham Singapore and Singapore Economic Development Board

We are pleased to share the highlights of a recent productive meeting between the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB). This meeting provided a valuable platform for discussing how EDB can assist Canadian companies in expanding their presence in the vibrant Southeast Asian region.

During our discussions, we explored various ways EDB can collaborate with CanCham Singapore to support Canadian businesses looking to establish or grow their operations in Singapore. The focus was on attracting high-value economic activities, particularly in key sectors such as aerospace, advanced manufacturing, agrifood, and cleantech.

Singapore is keen to welcome innovations and investments from these industries, recognizing the potential for mutual growth and development.

We eagerly anticipate continuing our collaboration with EDB to open doors for Canadian businesses in the region, as well as for companies seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the opportunities and broader business environment in Singapore.

Our commitment is to build strong, and prosperous connections between Canada and Singapore.

If your company is interested in learning more about the opportunities in Singapore, please reach out to CanCham Singapore for further information.

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