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Canada, Asia and the War for Young Talent in a Climate Stressed World

CanCham was thrilled to host its luncheon with Dr. Parag Khanna, leading global strategy advisor, world traveler, and bestselling author. During Dr. Khanna's talk there were a few key takeaways: globalisation is not going to go away anytime soon; we are currently in the fourth wave of growth in Asia, with the rise of South and Southeast Asia (Asia has the highest population of youth); and youth are the future of the world. Which countries are the winners and which ones are the losers? Put very simply, the countries who are attracting young people are the winners and the countries losing young people are the losers. Thank you to Dr. Khanna for taking the time to share this engaging and highly informative presentation to the Chamber.

If you would like to view his presentation you may do so by following this link.

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