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CanCham Singapore Annual General Meeting 2022

CanCham Singapore held its 38th Annual General Meeting, at the American Club. We are pleased to announce that the annual report of the Executive Committee 2021-2022 and the Treasurer's report for 2021-2022, were confirmed and adopted. We were sad to say goodbye to CanCham Secretary, Pete Corcoran, Head of School, Canadian International School, who has served on our ExCo for the past five years and has made his best effort to contribute to the Chamber wherever possible. We wish Pete all the best in his retirement!

We are pleased to welcome Quentin O'Mahony, General Manager, Singapore CAE Flight Training, as CanCham's new Vice-President and Gustavo Galvis, Regional Vice-President, Asia Pacific, Export Development Canada, as CanCham's new Secretary!

Thank you to all of our Members for their unwavering support, this past year. Special thanks goes out to the Executive Committee members, who tirelessly volunteer their time and effort to keep the Chamber running. We look forward to a very productive year ahead!

CanCham Executive Committee 2022-2023

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