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Celebrating Francophonie: Canada's Showcase in Singapore

Canada proudly participated in the "Francophonie Film Festival" in Singapore, showcasing the captivating film "Dounia et la princesse d'Alep" (Dounia and the Princess of Aleppo), directed by André Kadi and Marya Zarif.

Alongside the film, Canada presented a selection of five Quebec Gins from Ginealogy, a boutique distributor in Singapore known for its focus on craft spirits gins crafted with local botanicals and distinct terroir. Additionally, guests indulged in award-winning Canadian wines from Pillitteri Estates Winery, renowned for their quality and commitment to tradition.

Canada's involvement in these events celebrated Francophone culture, reflecting the significance of French as one of Canada's two official languages. With French as the first language for 22.8% of the population, and a majority of Francophones residing in Quebec, the country boasts a rich linguistic and cultural diversity. Nearly 10.4 million Canadians are proficient in French, highlighting the importance of linguistic diversity in Canada's federal state structure.

Canada's participation in these events celebrated Francophone culture and highlighted the country's commitment to linguistic diversity and cultural exchange. As French continues to enrich Canada's social fabric, we are proud to showcase our Francophone heritage on the global stage.

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