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Growth and Empowerment: Women Shaping Agribusiness

Updated: 6 days ago

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, in collaboration with WOMAG, organized the event 'Growth and Empowerment: Women Shaping Agribusiness'.

Esteemed guests, valued partners, and members of both organizations convened to celebrate International Women's Day and engage in essential discussions aimed at fostering inclusivity and empowerment within the agribusiness sector.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Dorys Fierro, Executive Director of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, who expressed delight in convening such a diverse and influential audience from the sector to explore avenues for positive change. Throughout the agenda, key challenges facing women in agribusiness, such as accessing leadership roles and overcoming biases, were addressed comprehensively, setting the tone for robust discussions and constructive dialogue.

The High Commissioner of Canada to Singapore, H.E. Jean Dominique Ieraci, delivered an inspiring opening speech, highlighting Canada's efforts and initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion. He stressed the importance of creating a supportive environment for women to succeed across various sectors.

Following this, Jaclyn Lee, Trade and Investment Officer from the Government of Saskatchewan Singapore Office, provided a comprehensive overview and valuable insights into the Canadian province of Saskatchewan's agribusiness sector.

Additionally, she presented initiatives led by women in agriculture, notably spotlighting the inspiring story of Three Farmers, a women-led agrifood business in Saskatchewan.

The event's highlight was a panel discussion featuring prominent leaders from the agribusiness sector:

  • Penny Li, Marketing Manager at CANPOTEX

  • Lynette Lim, General Counsel, APAC at CARGILL

  • Adrian Gasparian, President Asia at SCOULAR

  • Caroline Berube, Managing Partner at HJM ASIA LAW and Chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, who adeptly moderated the panel.

The panelists shared practical solutions and insights, focusing on actionable steps organizations can take to promote and support women's professional growth in agribusiness. The discussion was insightful and thought-provoking, highlighting key strategies to foster growth and empowerment for women in the industry.

Some key takeaways from the discussion include:

  • Gender Balance in Candidate Pool: Ensuring a balanced representation of genders in the candidate pool for hiring processes.

  • Skills vs. Experience: Deliberating whether hiring decisions should prioritize skills or experience.

  • Succession Planning: Exploring methods to enhance succession planning and inspire younger generations through educational institutions, thereby expanding the talent pool.

  • DEI Requirements for Suppliers: Considering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) requirements when selecting suppliers, and if not currently in place, ensuring they have an action plan to implement such initiatives.

  • ...

These insights emphasize the importance of proactive measures to create an inclusive environment and provide equal opportunities for women in agribusiness.

After the panel, Vivian, President of WOMAG, delivered impactful closing remarks, stressing the importance of sustained collaboration and action to drive meaningful change. She highlighted specific initiatives aimed at advancing gender diversity and empowerment in agribusiness.

The event concluded with a networking session, offering participants the chance to continue engaging in dialogue and exchanging opportunities. It reflected the commitment of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and WOMAG to making tangible progress in the industry.

Looking ahead, our dedication remains steadfast in ensuring that the dialogue and insights garnered from this event translate into actionable outcomes, fostering significant progress and empowerment for women in agribusiness.

A huge thank you to our sponsors and supporters, Canpotex, Saskatchewan Trade & Invest, and Cargill, and to the High Commission of Canada in Singapore, without which this event would not be possible.

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