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Expanding into North America's Agrifood and Agtech Market: Opportunities and Strategies for Success

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore in partnership with the Saskatchewan Singapore Trade and Investment Office, recently concluded webinar on "Expanding into North America's Agrifood and Agtech Market: Opportunities and Strategies for Success”. We were privileged to have industry experts share their valuable insights. Randall Quinn, President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, and Greg Eidsness, Managing Director of the Saskatchewan Singapore Trade and Investment Office provided welcome remarks highlighting Canada's unique position as a launchpad for Asian-based companies, with access to the vast agricultural and agritech sectors in North America. They also spoke about the expansion of market access for Canadian exporters to Asia. As the webinar's moderator, Greg underscored the significant growth opportunities in Asia for food and agriculture technology, with North America, particularly Canada, being an attractive destination for expansion.

The webinar revolved around two major themes: Canada's position as a gateway to North America's agrifood and agtech market and the importance of innovation and collaboration. Canada's strategic location and strong partnerships enable Asian-based companies to tap into the vast opportunities in North America's agricultural and agritech sectors. The speakers reinforced this theme by sharing their expertise and insights. Dr. Steven Webb, Executive Director and CEO of the Global Institute for Food Security (GIFS), highlighted GIFS' mission to address food security through sustainable crop production, increased farm gate value, and attracting investment to Canada. Mehmet Çağlar Tülbek, President of the Saskatchewan Food Industry Development Centre Inc., discussed the center's expertise in transforming Canadian crops into innovative products, offering support in product development, processing, and commercialization.

Another crucial theme discussed was the importance of innovation and collaboration in the agrifood and agtech sectors. The speakers emphasized Canada's commitment to innovation, sustainable crop production, and transforming crops into value-added products. Susan Jorgensen, Program and Partnerships Manager at Global Agri-Food Advancement Partnership (GAAP), provided insights into GAAP's role in supporting agriculture and food tech companies, including equity investment, access to facilities, and connection with industry experts. Masood Rizvi, General Manager of NRGene Canada, highlighted several success cases, including the development of clubroot resistance in crops, enhancing protein levels in canola, and establishing partnerships within the insect feed industry.

Video recording is available here:

If you have any further questions or are interested in connecting with the webinar speakers, please email Saskatchewan Singapore Trade and Investment Office at with your inquiries.

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