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Building Business Bridges: CanChamSG and Enterprise Singapore Collaborate for Growth

In the ever-evolving world of international business, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (CanChamSG), led by President Randy Quinn and Executive Director Dorys Fierro, recently had fruitful discussions with Enterprise Singapore. This collaborative effort included Clarence Hoe, Executive Director for the Americas and Europe, NG Kai Scene, Deputy Director- Americas, and Rachel Tham, Management Associate- Americas.

Looking ahead, the discussions focused on exploring ways in which both Singaporean and Canadian businesses can capitalize each other's strengths and resources across various sectors of interest. This strategic collaboration and knowledge exchange aim to create an environment that fosters growth and innovation on a global scale.

With the Canada in Asia Conferences - CIAC 2024, approaching in Singapore at the end of February, the event will serve as an ideal platform for Singaporean and Canadian leaders, businesses, and government representatives to converge, share insights, and establish partnerships that transcend geographical boundaries.

CanChamSG is optimistic about the positive outcomes and the tangible impact on business relations in the near future. By facilitating these connections, CanChamSG plays a pivotal role in contributing to the broader landscape of international cooperation and economic growth.

Looking ahead, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore provides access to knowledge and cultivates a business environment that fosters collaboration and partnerships. CanChamSG remains dedicated to providing businesses with valuable opportunities to connect, collaborate, and thrive on a global scale.

CanChamSG is ready to assist by linking you up with the right partners. Feel free to connect with us at

Together, we navigate the path to growth and success in the global business arena. 🚀

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