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CanCham Singapore Participates in Commonwealth Day 2024 Celebrations

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore participated in the celebration of the Commonwealth Day 2024, an event hosted by The British High Commission in Singapore and The Royal Commonwealth Society-Singapore. This year marked the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Commonwealth and brought together representatives from 15 countries, showcasing the strength and unity of the Commonwealth community in Singapore.


Under the theme 'One Resilient Common Future,' this year's celebration emphasized the importance of unity and collaboration in tackling global challenges. As a collective representing a third of humanity, the Commonwealth highlights the diversity of experiences, knowledge, and aspirations from around the world. It serves as a platform for fostering understanding, cooperation, and mutual support among its member nations.


During the event, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce showcased some of the exceptional products and services offered by our esteemed members. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the participant members: Air Canada, Trade and Investment Saskatchewan with Quinoa Norquina, Boreal Heartland, Prairie Berries and Three Farmers, EDC, Invest Canada, and Thunderwear for their participation and contributions.

A special mention goes to Ginealogy, a boutique distributor of craft spirits, for delighting attendees with a sampling of five different types of Quebec Gin (Km12 Monts-Valin, Cirka, St Laurent Gin), all of which are owner-operated and focus on making gins that use local botanicals to reflect their terroir, giving a true sense of place and providing a unique taste of Canada. This added an extra element of enjoyment to the festivities.


Through our members' participation, we had the opportunity to highlight the innovation, quality, and diversity of Canadian offerings in Singapore and the region. These showcases our commitment to fostering economic growth, collaboration, and friendship within the Commonwealth community.


The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore remains dedicated to promoting trade, facilitating connections, and strengthening relationships within the Commonwealth and internationally.

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