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Reflecting on the Success of B2B Matchmaking at CIAC 2024

The recent B2B Matchmaking event, organized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore as part of the Canada in Asia Conferences (CIAC) 2024, proved to be an outstanding success. Held at the Pan Pacific Hotel during CIAC 2024, which was organized by the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada and Universities Canada, the event brought together business leaders from Canada and Asia, fostering valuable connections and driving forward meaningful collaborations.


The main objective of the event was to facilitate direct business interactions between Canadian and Asian businesses. Focused on the AgriFood and Climate Solutions sectors of CIAC, the event served as a platform for exploring new collaborations and fostering partnerships.


More than 60 business meetings were held during the B2B event, facilitating direct and focused interactions between participants and enabling them to explore potential collaborations in-depth.


During the Business to Business Sessions, participants engaged in one-to-one discussions focusing on their various business-oriented interests, such as exploring growth potential, strategies for market entry (both ways Canada-Asia and Asia-Canada), seeking partners and investors for expansion, identifying new supply chain sources and manufacturing, and addressing potential regulatory challenges for their company.


The success of the B2B Matchmaking event at CIAC 2024 sets a strong foundation for future collaborations and partnerships between Canada and Asia. Together, there is immense potential in working towards common business goals.


We extend our sincere gratitude to all the business participants, the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Enterprise Singapore, and the Singapore Business Federation for their invaluable contributions. We look forward to continuing to grow our business connections in the future.

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